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Melodic Drill Beats by KinZi

Welcome to KinZi's world of Melodic Drill Beats! In this post, we will dive deep into the captivating genre of Melodic Drill and explore the unique sounds and styles brought to life by KinZi Beats. If you're a fan of drill music with a melodic twist, you're in for a treat.



Melodic Drill Beats are a subgenre of drill music that infuse traditional drill elements with melodic and harmonic elements, creating a distinctive sound that's both hard-hitting and melodically rich. KinZi Beats has mastered the art of combining gritty drill drum patterns with soulful melodies, giving his beats a unique and memorable sound.


Explore KinZi Beats' extensive catalog to find the perfect Melodic Drill Beat for your next project. From uplifting melodies to darker, more introspective compositions, there's a beat for every mood and lyrical theme.



  • Melodic drill beat with dark vibes
  • Tempo: 140 BPM
  • Key: F# minor
Quinn (Melodic Drill Beat) YouTube-Link
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  • Dramatic Drill Type Beat
  • Tempo: 140 BPM
  • Key: F minor
YT-Link to Melodic Drill Beat "Whitney"
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  • Beautiful Melodic Drill Beat
  • Tempo: 140 BPM
  • Key: A minor
YT-Link to Melodic Drill Beat "Evelin"
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  • Melodic Drill Type Beat
  • Tempo: 140 BPM
  • Key: C minor
Drill Type Beat on YouTube
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  • Very bouncy and still melodic
  • Tempo: 139 BPM
  • Key: C major
YouTube Link to Drill Beat "Bella"
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  • Melodic Drill Beat
  • Tempo: 140 BPM
  • Key: A minor
Lona a Melodic Drill Type Beat on YouTube
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  • The Future of melodic Drill Beats
  • Tempo: 140 BPM
  • Key: A minor
YT-Link to Melodic Drill Beat "DeZiree"
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The Signature Style of KinZi Beats

KinZi Beats, a name synonymous with Melodic Drill excellence, has carved a niche for himself in the music industry. His signature style incorporates haunting melodies, emotive chord progressions, and impactful drum arrangements. Each beat tells a story, evoking raw emotions while maintaining the true essence of drill music.


Why Choose Melodic Drill Beats?

Melodic Drill Beats provide a fresh perspective on the drill genre. They allow artists to explore a broader range of emotions and themes while retaining the genre's intense energy. Whether you're a rapper looking to add depth to your lyrics or a producer seeking a unique sound, Melodic Drill Beats by KinZi Beats are the perfect choice.


Melodic Drill Beats by KinZi

In the world of Melodic Drill, KinZi Beats is a name to remember. His ability to blend the hard-hitting nature of drill with melodic sensibilities sets him apart in the music industry. Whether you're a seasoned artist or an up-and-coming talent, KinZi Beats' Melodic Drill Beats are sure to elevate your music to new heights. Explore his beats, feel the vibes, and create your next hit today!


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Remember, the key to making the most of Melodic Drill Beats is creativity and authenticity. Unleash your lyrical prowess and embrace the captivating world of KinZi Beats' Melodic Drill. Your audience will thank you for it.


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Melodic Drill Beats on YouTube

"Whitney" a deep melodic Drill Beat by KinZi


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