High-Quality Drill Beats Instrumentals

Drill Beats Instrumentals produced by KinZi

Want to give your rap or drill track the right punch? Looking for the best drill beats to give your music the groove and energy you want? Then you've come to the right place! KinZi's Drill Beats offer you the perfect solution to take your music to the next level.



The drill style has taken the rap scene by storm, known for its dark, pulsating beats and hard lyrics. With drill beats by KinZi, you can infuse your song with that distinctive energy, ensuring it stands out from the crowd.



Quinn (Trap Drill Type Beat) YouTube-Link
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  • Trap Drill Type Beat
  • Tempo: 140 BPM
  • Key: F# minor


Bella (Drill Beat Instrumental) YouTube-Link
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  • Bouncy drill beat with lots of dynamics
  • Tempo: 139 BPM
  • Key: C major


CeZin (Creepy Instrumental) YouTube-Link
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  • CeZin the real bad under the drill beats instrumentals
  • Tempo: 137 BPM
  • Key: E major


Estefania (Drill Beat) YouTube-Link
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  • Epic Drill Beat with beautiful Bulgarian female choir 
  • Tempo: 160 BPM (80 BPM)
  • Key: Bb minor


LuZifer (Drill Instrumental) YouTube-Link
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  • Dark Drill Instrumental with creepy Vibes
  • Tempo: 134 BPM
  • Key: Bb major


Alexis (Drill Beat) YouTube-Link
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  • Airy synth sounds meet dramatic atmosphere ... And of course the 808 slides may not be missing here
  • Tempo: 141 BPM
  • Key: G# minor


DeZiree (RnDrill Beat) YouTube-Link
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  • RnDrill with incoming vocal accompaniment
  • Tempo: 140 BPM
  • Key: A minor


Lona (Drill Type Beat) YouTube-Link
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  • Beautiful and epic melodies meet drill typical elements
  • Tempo: 140 BPM
  • Key: A minor


Joelle (Drill Beat) YouTube-Link
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  • Drill type beat with melodies somewhat reminiscent of retro games of the SNES era
  • Tempo: 143 BPM
  • Key: C major

Why Choose Beats and Instrumentals by KinZi

  • Professional Production: KinZi Beats is an experienced music producer and beatmaker with a strong focus on drill style. Drill beats and instrumentals are carefully arranged and mixed to ensure it meets your needs.
  • 100% Rights Clearance: By purchasing the selected beat licenses, you get all the necessary rights to use the beat in your project without any legal concerns.
  • Flexible licensing options: KinZi knows that musicians have different needs. That's why we offer different licensing options, including basic licenses for hobby artists and extended licenses for commercial use.
  • Quick and easy purchase: The cooperation with airbit.com allows you to buy beat licenses quickly and easily. You can browse and select directly on our website and then buy and download from airbit.
  • Varied selection: From gritty and aggressive sounds to melodic and catchy rhythms. Regardless of your style, you'll find the right beat here.


Drill Beats by KinZi

Give your music the boost it needs with high-quality drill beats instrumentals from KinZi. Whether you're an aspiring artist or an established musician, KinZi's instrumentals are the perfect addition to your productions. Browse the selection now and find the beat that will add that special something to your music!


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KinZi Beats about Drill Music

"Drill music has become an impressive phenomenon of the musical underground in just a few years - and is not only celebrated in Great Britain or the USA."


Take the first step towards realizing your musical vision today. Discover Drill Beats by KinZi and enter the world of drill!


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"Quinn" Trap Drill Beat by KinZi

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