Free for Profit Trap Beats

Free for Profit Trap Beats by KinZi

Here is the musical source for your next hit song! Free for Profit Trap Beats by KinZi for the accompaniment of your dope lyrics.

With KinZ's musical productions, you can boost your career as a musician, rapper or singer and record and release great tracks.


Available Free for Profit Trap Beats

If you're looking for high quality trap beats that you can use for your projects for free, you've come to the right place. Here I present you my professional Free for Profit Trap Beats.



Smooth synthesizer melodies and the characteristics of trap typical sounds blend together to create lush beats and incomparable grooves.

  • Emotional Trap Beat
  • Tempo: 137 BPM
  • Key: D# minor

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The sound of modern Trap Music!

Moody melodies, flowing drums and futuristic 808 bass.

  • Tempo: 119 BPM
  • Key: C minor

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  • Dark Trap Beat
  • Legendary Drums and Dark Melodies 
  • Tempo: 142 BPM
  • Key: G minor

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  • Fast Trap Beat
  • The definitive summit of dark melodies and groovy hi-hats
  • Tempo: 137 BPM
  • Key: C# minor

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A dark feat! 

This instrumental sounds contemporary and at the same time the sounds create a dark atmosphere.

  • Tempo: 88 BPM
  • Key: E minor

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  • Epic Trap Beat
  • Produced for talented Hip Hop and Trap Rappers
  • Tempo: 128 BPM
  • Key: C minor

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  • Drill Type Trap Instrumental
  • A mixture of Trap, Drill and Erotic Vibes
  • Tempo: 142 BPM
  • Key: D major

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  • Experimental Music Production
  • Gina is characterized by a combination of exceptionally warm sounds and powerful 808 slides
  • Tempo: 110 BPM
  • Key: D major

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About Trap Beats / Trap Music

The music style trap in its original form is a modification or a further development of hip hop. Distinctive features of  Trap Beats are the massive kick drums or 808's, a sluggish bass in a darkly aggressive atmosphere, dramatic orchestration, stuttering hi-hats and rattling snare rolls.


Add to that your great lyrical content to Trap Beats by KinZi and a new modern Trap Song is ready to smash the world's speakers.


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Incidentally, KinZi Beats is also a passionate fan of Far Eastern music. Under the pseudonymous artist name "KinZtrumental" he regularly releases outstanding Samurai Trap and Asian Trap.


UK Drill Type Beats

Two Trap Music Variants

Trap Music (with Rap Lyrics)

Since the beginning of the 2010s, Trap Music has been understood as a new style of hip-hop, which is characterized above all by its minimalist beats and increasing melody. Among the most distinctive stylistic features of Trap are the sluggish rhythms with very deep bass drums and fast, "rolling" hi-hats. In terms of sound, a mostly dark, aggressive atmosphere dominates.


Hybrid and EDM Trap

In contrast to the original Trap Music, EDM-Trap-Songs combine numerous characteristic sounds from electronic music such as Dubstep, Brostep and Electro-House with elements of typical Trap. In addition, the "EDM usual Drops" are usually built into the arrangement of the tracks.